New Hospice Units Planned for Gwynedd and Anglesey

New Hospice Units Planned for Gwynedd and Anglesey

New Hospice Units Planned for Gwynedd and Anglesey

Plans are being developed to expand Hospice care across Gwynedd and Anglesey and end the current inequality of service.

Two local charities, St David’s Hospice and Hospice at Home Gwynedd and Anglesey have agreed to work together to radically improve the current level end of life care services.

The ambitious plans aim to provide satellite hospice units with beds and other services at Holyhead and Pwllheli alongside an enhanced community hospice at home service.

The aim is to ensure that the people of North West Wales receive the very best palliative and end of life care. This would mean that they could be cared for in the setting of their choice either at home or in hospice care.

Trystan Pritchard, Chief Executive at St David’s Hospice said:

“We believe that our exciting plans will offer choice at the end of life and address the current inequality of available hospice care in the area and end the postcode lottery that exists.

“We have talked to patients, carers, families, local GPs and healthcare professionals and they have told us that there is a clear need for these facilities on Anglesey and in Dwyfor.”

At present, the only inpatient hospice beds are in North West Wales are located at St David’s main hospice in Llandudno with the Hospice at Home service covering Gwynedd and Anglesey.

This means that some patients will be faced with 90 minute journeys for inpatient hospice care, effectively removing the option for a significant proportion of vulnerable patients and their carers. In addition both charities believe the current level of hospice at home care should be strengthened to provide a more seamless 24 hour service.

The hospices are working with Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board to develop these plans, possibly on hospital sites, and now look forward to detailed discussions on how this will be delivered.

A community awareness and fundraising campaign will be launched over the summer to present the plans to local people and to begin to generate support for the campaign.

Trystan Pritchard said:

“Over 80% of Hospice care is funded by the local community and the service provided will be entirely for local people. We will need the support of the people of Gwynedd and Anglesey to achieve our ambitions and we are determined that they will receive the level of end of life care that they deserve.”

Lynn Parry, General Manager, Hospice at Home Gwynedd and Anglesey said:

“As Hospices committed to improving end of life care services for the whole population of Gwynedd, Anglesey and Conwy we are determined to improve this situation and make a significant contribution to provide an equitable service for all.

“In addition, as two separate charities, we believe that the future lies in close collaborative working and we will increasingly work close together to ensure that we can offer the best possible levels of care.”

Ffion Johnstone, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board’s West Area Director, said:

“We are passionate about expanding end of life services in Gwynedd and Anglesey to ensure people have the choice to be cared for as close to their homes as possible”.

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board’s Chairman, Dr Peter Higson, said:

“End of life services provision is a key priority for the Health Board and we will continue to work closely with our hospice partners to address the current service inequalities in end of life care”.

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