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#GIVE25 – #RHOI25

#RHOI25 – #GIVE25
“What is the #GIVE25 Campaign?”
The ‘#GIVE25 Campaign’ is a fundraising challenge in celebration of 25 years of Nursing care in patients own homes in our communities in Gwynedd and Anglesey. As part of the celebrations we are asking the communities to support Hospice at Home by getting behind the #GIVE25 campaign, which challenges the people of Gwynedd and Anglesey to raise as much sponsorship as possible by taking part in their own fundraising challenges. The campaign is running all throughout 2017 so you can complete your challenge at any date and time that’s convenient to you.
All donations raised will enable Hospice at Home Gwynedd and Anglesey to expand their Nursing Service.

“How can I take part?”
You can do whatever you want! It just needs to be a challenge or event that you can raise sponsorship for and ideally be ‘25’ themed. For example:
• 25 minutes of dancing
• Run, walk, swim or ride 25 kilometers in a month
• Swim 25 lengths
• 25 sit-ups/press ups a day
• Bake 25 biscuits/cupcakes and then hold a bake sale
• Anything you can think of!
There is no limit to what you can do to help raise money for your local hospice.
Our aim is to get the people of Gwynedd and Anglesey to get involved and support this amazing campaign that will provide care and support to people with life threatening illnesses and to their families, to face the challenge of reaching the end of their lives with dignity and respect in their own homes.

Your Free Fundraising Pack
Please call 01286 662772 for your pack, we will be happy to send you one in the post.
If you’re planning on doing any fundraising for us, we’d love to hear from you so that we can help in any way we can, such as supplying additional materials or through promoting your event. Either way, get in touch!!
If you already know what you’re doing then let us know so that we can add your event to our website listing by clicking
Or, if you need more information or would like to talk to us about your ideas the please get in touch by clicking
Remember to tag @HospiceatHomeGA on twitter and use the hashtag:

#RHOI25 – #GIVE25