Dathlu Rhoi

Dathlu Rhoi

Make your special occasion an even better one

Your special day could make a difference to hundreds of patients with life-limiting illnesses, their carers and families. You could either ask your guests for donations to the hospice instead of gifts or you can have special celebration favours as a unique way of thanking your guests for sharing your day with you.

Hospice at Home Benefits from 60th Birthday Celebrations.

Mrs Veronica Huband from Holyhead has very kindly donated £910 in lieu of gifts for this special birthday. We hope that Mrs Huband had a terrific birthday and thank her, her family and friends for their generosity.

It’s easy! And there’s more than one way of helping.

Make a Donation in Lieu of a Gift

Your guests can make a donation in lieu of a gift to the hospice online here.

For more information contact us here.